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Why You Should ‘Go Pro’ On your Wedding Day or Prom Night Make Up

The decision

Wedding and Bridal Makeup ImageWhether it’s your big day or your special night, hiring a professional makeup artist will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. Long days and longer nights are very demanding of your skin and you’ll want your face to look fresh, vital and perfect from morning to night or night to morning! I’m sure we can all agree that a foundation mudslide during your wedding breakfast would not be a pretty sight. Of course, key to both weddings and proms are the photographic memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Cameras will not be kind to any manner of makeup disaster, from slapped on foundation, to poorly chosen lipstick. Make-up does have a tendency to show up differently in photographs; there are various textures and shades that it is wise to avoid and others that look great when photographed. The professional make up artist will understand this. Remember your wedding photographs are with you for life and cannot be changed. With a good make up artist with you the morning of the wedding you won’t need to worry. Family members will dig out the evidence ad infinitum to show friends and family and if you don’t look your best you’ll be sure to regret it!

Don’t look back in anger

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in the future when you’re feeling nostalgic and decide to dust off the old wedding photo album and relive some beautiful memories, you’ll want to think to yourself – “wow, wasn’t I beautiful?” This is why it is absolutely fundamental to go pro on the makeup front. With a battalion of brushes and eye for detail you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are in good hands and you will look your very best. Vitally, the professional makeup artist will also understand what works for professional pictures (be they day or night) and can give you some hot regime tips on how to get your skin in its best shape ready for your special occasion. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking lots of questions. The more you get off your chest and can put a ‘tick’ next to, the more at ease you will be come the day.

Try out

It is vital that you are comfortable with your choice of makeup artist for your special day. That is why you must arrange a trial run. This is your big chance to ask all those nagging questions, but more importantly the makeup artist should be asking all sorts of questions about colour themes, hairstyles, dress, flowers etc. This provides them with the information to paint a mental image of the day and how your makeup should look to complement the overall theme. More than anything, the makeup trial is designed for you to try various looks until you are happy.

Wise words

Whether it’s your wedding day or your prom, you deserve to feel pampered, look your best and create some perfect memories, so choosing a professional makeup artist might just be the best decision you ever make.