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The first meeting

That first consultation is a great opportunity to make sure you are compatible with your makeup artist. You should be given the chance to ask all those questions that you’ve jotted down in anticipation of the big day and you should be treated kindly and with patience. If you don’t feel at ease quizzing your makeup artist on all manner of doubts and concerns then the chances are you are not compatible. This initial consultation is known in the trades as the ‘trial.’ You should, after getting to know each other and giving the makeup artist a decent idea of your taste and requirements, receive a full application – similar to the one you will want on the day you get married. Think not of ‘trial’ but ‘try ALL’ and you’ll be on the right path. Don’t be afraid to ask for subtle tweaks if you’re not totally convinced!

What information will help your artist?

It is of real importance that you prepare and disclose some of the more important style choices that you’ve made for your wedding. We’re talking colour schemes, dress design, hairstyles and location, date (season can be relevant) and venue type. If you’re getting married on a beach you’ll have different makeup requirements than if your venue is a medieval castle, for example! While pictures can help give an idea of the overall look you are after, don’t expect a makeup artist to be able to perfectly transplant Angelina Jolie’s look onto your face. A, it may not suit your face type and B) everyone’s skin takes to different makeup styles in a unique way.

Focus on what you love about your face

Focusing on your hang ups will also be instructive, but only looking at the negatives will not help. Instead, tell your makeup artist what you love about your face, which features you would like them to enhance.

How many meetings are necessary?

In normal circumstances only one meeting is really needed, as long as both artist and customer are prepared. If the trial is, say, over 6 months prior to your wedding then a second meeting will be recommended. A trial run near to the wedding date is advisable as your skin may undergo seasonal changes and also it helps put your mind at rest.

Pearls of wisdom

Your makeup artist should impart some words of wisdom to guide you through the experience of preparing your face for the big day. A facial, for instance would be recommended by most makeup artists, a couple of weeks prior to the final appointment on the morning of the wedding. Making a very detailed plan of the morning is very useful as hair, makeup appointments and other finishing touches must not clash. Finally and somewhat contradicting myself here, it pays to remember that things will almost certainly not go entirely to plan, so don’t panic, stay calm and a few minutes here and there are unlikely to cause any major havoc.

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