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Makeup is a vital part of looking your best on your big day

Getting married is a big step in all kinds of ways, but even if you have decided to keep the day itself to a minimalist celebration you will want to look your best. Not only will you probably be seeing people you haven’t seen for ages – weddings are great excuses for gathering scattered friends and families together – but you will want to look fabulous for the photographs.

What not to do

It is always a good idea to employ a wedding makeup artist but if you decide to give it a go yourself, you mustn’t just plonk yourself down in front of a mirror on the morning of and use any old stuff from your makeup bag. Your everyday makeup won’t have the staying power for a whole day in the limelight for one thing and if you are wearing white it won’t be the right shade – you need to practice, practice, practice; and who’s got time for that? It is a better plan altogether to use your precious time wisely by booking one of the best makeup artists London has to offer, Suki Miles.

How to guarantee a flawless look

Bridal Makeup and Styling by Suki MilesWhen you book Suki as your wedding makeup artist you don’t just get a lick and a promise on the day. A practice session is recommended, so that you can have a look from all angles, in the cold light of day and without having to worry about whether the flowers have arrived, your mother-in-law-to-be isn’t clashing with the head bridesmaid (that’s in temperament as well as clothing!) or if the venue is double-booked. You can decide calmly and quietly whether the makeup is what you want and then your London makeup artist can make alterations to suit. Far better to have a few tries before the day than compromising with only minutes to go before the cars arrive.

Most weddings go without a hitch

Unfortunately, everyone loves a disaster story much more than a happy ever after, so you only hear about the weddings where the cake collapses and the groom doesn’t show. These are in a tiny minority – almost every wedding, large or small, goes off perfectly and if you keep that in mind you can sail through without a care in the world. That said, it is nice to know you are looking your best, so some professional attention from a wedding makeup artist who is an expert at her craft is a treat you owe yourself for this special day. She will even out any skin tone issues, create perfect eyes and make sure your lips are kiss-proof; but also very kissable! It’s a long day when you take into account having your hair done and keeping everyone happy before you set off for the ceremony, so having your makeup done for you is a quiet moment of peace in a hectic day. Having your hair done in the same makeup artist London package is time saving and also means that the makeup and hair will complement each other to perfection.

It will all be worth it just for the look on his or her face!

As you walk in to your perfect venue, whether it is a religious or secular setting, and see the look on the face of your husband or wife to be, you know your special attention to your makeup will be worthwhile. Although you hope your guests will have a wonderful time, your wedding day is after all mainly for the two of you, to show your love and commitment to each other and taking extra care over your makeup and hair is just one way to say ‘we’re special’.